Central Eurasia Leadership Academy - by Vazil Hudak

Some of my best moments when working for EWI in early 2000’s were related to CELA (Central Eurasia Leadership Academy). The original idea of the project was to identify and bring together young leaders from Central Eurasia (all “stans” in Cental Asia + Caucasian republics) for a leadership training, which took place at the Koc University in Istanbul. The main purpose of the whole exercise was to contribute to a better future of this region by educating its future leaders and building new relations among the countries. I learnt so much from these young people coming from diverse backgrounds and from most distant parts of this vast Eurasian geography! They do represent a great future for their countries! I’ve stayed in touch with many of them, meeting them in different places around the globe. What is very satisfying is the fact that the whole project continues thanks to the efforts by the Society of International Business Fellows and thanks to the tireless enthusiasm of the real hero of the whole project, our former colleague Adam Albion!!


Photo: my meeting in Prague with one of the CELA alumni, Ms. Zhanna Bakauova (she is on the photo together with me and my son Patrick).



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