Friend - Partner - Ally; by Pavol Demes

Pavol Demeš, former EWI Board Member, wrote to share news of his most recent book, which he says recalls EWI's "serious contributions" to the development of U.S. - Slovak relations in the ‘90s. Published last month, Friend - Partner - Ally describes a crucial U.S. governmental visit to Slovakia in the early ‘90s, when U.S. Vice President Dan Quayle's participated at the East-West Summit in Bardejov in June 1991, organized by EWI. During this event, Quayle met with the President of the Slovakian Parliament Frantisek Miklosko and Prime Minister Jan Čarnogurský.


Reflecting on the changes in Slovakia in the past few decades, Demeš wrote, “Everything changed after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, and within a very short period of time Slovakia established a multilayered relationship with the USA, much more intensive than with any other country. The United States has significantly helped us in overcoming the communist legacy and in becoming a modern state and part of the Euro-Atlantic democratic family. Today, both Slovakia and the United States are partners cooperating in many areas, from politics, economy and military, through science, culture and education all the way to sports. For example, since the end of 2008, Slovak nationals do not even need a visa to travel to the United States."


And EWI was a small but essential part of that transformation.


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