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Who are you really, John Mroz? - 1981

The EastWest Institute was born in the East. It was begun over a beer in a Chinese restaurant with a modest proposal from Co-Founder Ira Wallach. "If you could do anything to make the world a safer place for my grandchildren, John, what would you do?"At the time of this unexpected conversation in 1981, the realities of a deepening Cold War had set in and the possibility of ending the Cold War was amongst the most distant... more »


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Embracing Our Third Decade

For twenty years the EastWest Institute has boldly responded to the challenges of a world in transformation. Its current areas of heaviest involvement, the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine and neighboring states have a huge unfinished agenda. The EWI Board of Directors has made clear its commitment to have EWI remain deeply engaged for decades more until the struggle of transition is assured.

As we look to the future, it is... more »


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